Take Two! ai* signs up Crystal Hurstwood and SMC Commercial

As uptake of our commercial property software keeps on growing – so do we.

This last year has been a period of huge growth for us, and we are delighted that word of mouth is also playing a part in spreading the news about the great benefits our product brings to agencies of any size.

ai* is Crystal Hurstwood's first step into using commercial property software and we are proud that it has surpassed all their expectations even at these early stages. We look forward to working with CH's team to make ai* the master of their daily workflows.

SMC Commercial had an existing software system in place, but it was cumbersome and complicated to use. Once we demonstrated agentsinsight* in full flow it didn't take long to make the decision to join our growing list of happy users.

For more on how agentsinsight* can help your Society or to book an appointment, please get in contact.