West End Office Agents Society puts its trust in agentsinsight*

We are delighted to announce that our commercial agency software, agentsinsight*, has been trusted by the West End Office Agents Society to power its exchange platform.

This will transform the way the society shares property information – giving real-time visibility into every asset and opportunity instantly.

“We are very excited about powering the Agents Society - it accounts for the vast amount of letting transactions across the Central London Market! With our ai* platform at its core the society members will be able to act quicker, smarter and on the move."

- Michael Avery (founder)

Two key features of the society are the simplicity of use and the protection of the members information. Mark Radford (West End Agent Society committee member) confirms this:

“The beauty of the agentsinsight* system is that it's so simple to use and it is a closed platform, so we retain the integrity of our own data as this information is available to members only.

But the biggest practical benefit is we will no long have that time and resource consuming job sifting through hundreds of emails. Agentsinsight* will automate and simplify the whole process so our members can instantly match up disposals and acquisitions.”

For more on how agentsinsight* can help your Society or to book an appointment, please get in contact.